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Strawberries Are Here!

Morning shoppers, Hey the sun is out. Its warm. Its not raining yet. Fresh from the field strawberries will be coming via the Radosevich delivery service later this morning. Stop by after lunch. For a snack or for tonights dinner. Enjoy, The Provision Crew

Crabbing With The Bruno Brothers

Roll Out at 5:30 am Sunsets are just fine by me and occur at a much more reasonable time. Thus, my idea of an early start is 7:00 am. If there is good reason to get up before then I have yet to find it. Then again I don’t make my living on the water. […]

5 Best Places to Take Photographs in Oriental, NC

The Robert Scott Bridge Shooting from the Robert Scott bridge offers the photographer great subject matter morning, noon or night. Sunrises can be stunning just before the sun crests the horizon but once over you’ll be shooting into the light. Sunsets are consistent due to the soft light on the harbor coming from the west. […]